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Carbon Filtration

Our carbon purifiers filter your water to remove contaminants, chlorine, and other waterborne tastes and odors. Carbon makes for the ultimate filter because it's amazingly porous, so it grabs and holds onto impurities from pesticides to lead, petrochemicals to microscopic cysts, and removes toxins and discoloration.

BioCote® Anti-Microbial Solutions

BioCote® is an anti-microbial solution that is WRAS approved and inhibits the growth of microorganisms utilizing silver, which acts as a natural anti-microbial. BioCote® is effective for the life of the product, against a vast range of microbes.

Silver ions are added to our products at the manufacturing stage, resulting in an active concentration of silver ions on the surface of the product. When bacteria comes into contact with this surface, the silver binds to the bacteria and catalyzes an enzyme breakdown in the bacteria, rendering them unable to reproduce and further causing them to die.

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